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Zeph Fitz-Gerald. "It's a Long Long Way to the U.S.A. ('And My Own Little Sweet Home')." New York: Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co., 1917.

William Nassann. "The Connecticut March." New York: Paull-Pioneer Music Corp., 1911, copyright renewed 1938.

Thurland Chattaway. "A Little Suit of Blue." New York: F.B. Haviland Publishing Company, 1907.

Kendis and Brockman. "We're Going to Hang the Kaiser under the Linden Tree." New York: Kendis-Brockman Music Co. Inc., 1917.

Joe Burns, Arthur Fields, and Archie Gottler. "The Kiss that Made Me Cry." New York: Leo Feist, Inc., 1918.

J. Will Callahan and Leo Friedman. "I'm Going to Raise my Boy to Be a Soldier (And a Credit to the U.S.A.)." Chicago & New York: Frank K. Root & Co., 1916.

J. Keirn Brennan and Ernest R. Ball. "For Dixie and Uncle Sam." New York: M. Witmark & Sons, 1916.

Howard Johnson and Percy Wenrich. "Where Do We Go from Here." New York: Leo Feist Inc., 1917. Two copies, cover images feature two different photo portraits in bottom left corner.

H. C. Weasner. "Let Lovelight be Always Shining for the Loved Ones Away." Buffalo, N.Y.: H. C. Weasner & Co., 1918.

George Graff Jr. and Bert Grant, "Nephews of Uncle Sam." New York: Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co., 1917.
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